Providing free elementary education in rural and remote villages for girls and boys.


Providing solar lamps and computers in rural communities.

Supporting job creation projects such as: back yard poultry, mushroom growing, bee keeping and organic vegetable growing.


Encouraging enrollment of young girls in elementary schools.

Advancing empowerment of rural women by providing interest-free financing of backyard  poultry projects.

Advancing female employment by hiring female teachers at the elementary schools.

Our Process

Phase I 
The government of Uttar Pradesh with the help of the World Bank, has started the 'Education for all' program. Under this initiative, the children are getting free school uniforms, stipend, school supplies and midday meals as well. Inspite of all this assistance, there are some communities in the state, which are left out because of political, economical or geographical reasons. Most of the remote areas in Puranpur are not well connected with rest of the District. The dirt roads going through the jungles, having risks of wild animals and dacoits are very real. There are no proper bridges to cross the mighty river Sharda. Small boats without any safety gear are the only means to cross the deep and swift river. Due to these hazards, most trained teachers are unwilling to teach in this region.

This is why Vivek Canada is establishing primary schools in these remote areas. So far, we have been able to operate elementary schools in the Musepur, Khirkia Bargadia, Rajan Colony, Dhaka Chant and Ramcote Villages.

The construction of a multipurpose building in Musepur has been completed.

Phase II
Education can only create awareness of issues but in order to develop and maintain self-sustainable rural communities it is imperative that the projects, which generate jobs, should be implemented. To reduce the rural poverty and to empower rural women small projects such as poultry and egg production and vegetable farming can be very useful provided we can assist them in the marketing of their produce in the nearby cities. Vivek Canada has planned these projects for phase II in the near future.

Poverty Reduction

Poverty and unemployment are two sides of the same coin. We can never eliminate these social indicators but we can certainly encourage and motivate people to participate in the process of rural development for raising their standard of living.

Who are the true lovers of humanity? 

"Those who forgetting themselves bring joy to the lives of others "
- Mahatma Gandhi