About the Board

Founding Directors        Directors

Dr. Harmesh Sidher (President)                      Dr. Jagdeep Khahra - United Kingdom

Mr. Anil Kumar (Vice President)                     Dr. Surinder Goswami - India
Mr. Narinder Markan (Director)                   
Dr. Darbari Sharma (Secretary)                        
Mr. Sidney Wong (Treasurer) 




Dr. Sidher has a Ph.D in Dairy Science from Punjab University Chandigarh, India and a diploma in Biological Sciences from BCIT, Canada.  For twenty-three years he worked with Agri-Food, Agri. Canada and Canadian Food Inspection Agency at various levels of food Inspection. For three years, he was one of the Ministerial representatives appointed by Hon. Paul Ramsey, Minister of Health to the Surrey North Community Health Council. Currently, Harmesh is Co-Vice-Chair for BC Council for International Cooperation and is deeply passionate about the various projects Vivek Canada is involved with.


Mr. Markan graduated from the Marine Engineering College in Calcutta, India in 1964 and worked for the Shipping Corporation of India up till his immigration to Canada in 1970. In Canada, he worked as a Chief Engineer with Seaspan Coastal Inter Model from 1974 till his retirement. Narinder also graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia in 1982. Narinder is very active in the community and a great philanthropist.


For more than twenty five years, Sid Wong worked with the Canadian federal government. Currently, he is actively involved with various organizations as a board and committee member: Kensington Gardens Complex; Burnaby Waste Management and Environmental Committee; member of the CFIA Western Region Employment Equity Committee; and member of the PSAC Human Rights Committee. Sid sees the world as a global village and that it's important to share our resources with our fellow human beings who are not so fortunate.

After completing his B.Sc Engineering from the Punjab University in 1967, Dr. Khahra worked as a sub Divisional Officer at the Beas Sutlej Project, Sundernagar in Himachal Pradesh, India. In 1971, he migrated to England for his M.Sc and Ph.D in Thermodynamics from the University of Birmingham, UK. Before retiring, Dr. Khahra worked as a software engineer at Pegasus Software Kettering, in the UK.


After teaching for eleven years in India, Dr. Darbari Sharma came to the University of Illinois, Urbana, U.S.A. as a graduate student in Applied Mathematics in the year 1959 and obtained a PhD in 1963. He worked in the Research Laboratory of Exxon Mobil Oil Company in Houston, Texas for four and a half years. After migrating to Canada in 1967, he joined the Mathematics Department at Simon Fraser University.

 After teaching for 24 years he retired in 1991. He has been working as a volunteer, as a President and also as a member of the Board of Directors of many non-profit societies.


Dr. Surender Lal Goswami, is Joint Director at the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), in Karnal, India. He is the recipient of many prestigious awards including the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for his scientific contributions. NDRI is the biggest dairy research Institute in Asia and its scientists and extension workers have made significant contributions in the Indian rural dairy development.

Anil Kumar obtained his Masters in Engineering from Dalhousie University in 1972. For many years, he worked with B.C. Hydro as a Senior Engineer, and is now retired. He emigrated from India in 1968 and acquired Canadian Citizenship in 1975. Anil is keen to help those less fortunate.


Mukesh Sharma: Came to Canada in 2008 obtained his Masters of chemical Engineering from University of BC. Having a vast knowledge of environmental and industrial proficiency is working as Hygiene Officer with WorkSafe BC. Mukesh volunteers for various roles with city of Surrey, Canadian Diabetics Association, MOSAIC and Cops for Cancer. Mukesh’s interests are writing,reading,painting 

and golfing. He is an enthusiastic and committed helping others and wants to make a difference in the society, specially the less fortunate.