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Join Vivek Canada in making a difference towards alleviating rural poverty. Select a program you would like to support and help us make a difference.


Most villagers in the areas we work in have no access to electricity. By subsidizing 100 solar lamps we would be able to replace the smoke of kerosene lanterns with clean solar lights for village households. Clean and bright solar light would help improve the quality of life, advancement of education, health, and livelihood.


Your donation will go towards:

  • Providing trained teachers
  • Books & school supplies
  • 1 laptop per school 
  • Children's sports         equipment for recreation     & fitness.


To reduce poverty, developing a sustainable rural economy is imperative; particularly for women in the villages to become empowered with small projects by having regular cash flow. By providing interest free loans, 3 poultry cooperatives are

in operation.

Your donation will go towards training 20 more women to set up their own backyard poultry project -  a great opportunity for raising their standard of living. For a successful poultry project, skills in production, financing and marketing are

very important. 


Mani Gularia is an extremely remote and rural village  -  without proper roads or public means of transportation. The nearest modern medical facility is more than  25 Km away.

Therefore by providing maternal, newborn and child health facilities to a population of about 10,000 people, we can eliminate preventable deaths amongst women, children and female newborns.

Vivek Canada is affiliated with CanadaHelps, a registered charity (charitable number 896568417RR0001) that processes secure

online donations. 

For more information: visit Vivek Canada's charity page on CanadaHelps or watch the video to learn how your donation to Vivek Canada will be processed through CanadaHelps.