Vivek Educational Foundation of Canada (VEFC) is helping improve the standard of living of villagers in remote and disadvantaged regions of

India by encouraging their participation in rural development projects to improve health, sanitation and education services.


Vivek Educational Foundation of Canada (VEFC) is an incorporated and registered charitable society in British Columbia, Canada. The Foundation member volunteers are well established in their professions in Canada, India and the U.K. As an experienced professional group we have the knowledge, skills and commitment for an integrated approach to rural development projects. We believe that vibrant rural economies are vital not only to eradicate poverty but also in the foundation for global peace, security and quality of life for all.


Poverty and unemployment are two sides of the same coin. We can never eliminate these social indicators but we can certainly encourage and motivate people to participate in the process of rural development for raising their standard of living.


Under its 'Education for All' program, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh seeks to provide free basic education to all children. Under this initiative, children also receive school uniforms, a stipend, school supplies and midday meals. However, some communities are left out for political, economic or geographical reasons. VEFC is helping to fill the gap by establishing primary schools in geographically-remote areas.

Help VEFC make a difference in alleviating poverty.